EIFEC Supply Chain Alert System

A major automotive multinational was is need of an advanced customized Early Warning System to monitor its interests and alert of the occurrence of any adverse event that could disrupt or negatively influence their Supply Chain.

The events to monitor over a network of circa 350 target spots include:
unexpected closure of customs offices or general strikes, hurricanes, floods and heavy rain or snowstorms, earthquakes and tsunamis, volcano eruptions, severe health emergencies, fires, blackouts, industrial and massive road accidents, terrorist attacks, outbreak of conflicts or social disorders etc.

They requested us the building up of a specific tool aimed to be duly prepared to face the various catastrophic events

Based on EIFEC expertise and intelligence capacity we have developed the EIFEC Supply Chain Alert System.
All relevant and targeted information are gathered, evaluated and classified by EIFEC analysts.
If relevancy hits a certain thresholds matrix, the alert about any current/imminent threat is sent to the customer and we monitor local situations so as to issue specific warnings about any risk which may appear reasonably expected in a short while until resolved.

ESCAS is available via reserved website accessible only by Customer’s staff through a secure login process.

Two main maps are updated constantly 

  1. Customer’s Sites Map, displaying all target sites (both private and public) to be monitored, each one identified by its own distinctive icon
  2. Alerts Map, with a proper system of markers aimed at highlighting any potential or current threat

Two specific alert communication channels are in place

  1. On screen Breaking flash news style message on monitors of the Security Central Room with link to the event “Alert details & updates”
  2. On reserved channel used by the Security service.


  • Incident Post Event Review – IPER (to be requested within 3 days from the event)**
  • Sites risk assessment (available for both standard and temporary sites)**
  • Post event satellite mapping (including oil spill detection and interferometric measurements for landslides/ground subsidence analysis following natural disasters)**
  • Transport and Tourism specific focus Set up
  • Health Risk - epidemics
ESCAS Customer’s Sites Map screenshot
ESCAS Alerts Map screenshots

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This is the EIFEC Global site.

We are the Export Compliance international standard-setting body and has the multidisciplinary knowledge and competence that allows to define and develop, by innovation, Standards, guidelines and certification mechanisms for emergency situations or critical areas of any nature.

The main areas covered are the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical armaments proliferation, sanctions, AML, Health Emergency Risk in epidemic context.