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Developing Compliance Standards

EIFEC is the Export Compliance international standard-setting body.

We develop specialized compliance standards for sensitive and critical areas that are a threat to international security and stability and are not covered by other Standards bodies as ISO, FATF GAFI.

By nature, new threats may appear to jeopardize the capacity to do business “playing by the rules due to the complexity of geopolitical and normative at global level.

Sometime, as it happened recently with the pandemic outbreak, we are called and urged to norm emergency situations.

They are in nature generated by a kind of risks that can resurface anytime in the future, as the biological risk in epidemic context.

The new standards thus become a permanent actionable capacity to comply with difficult questions or situations and adaptation to complex requirements.

These new situations are not strictly in our domain of the specialized Compliance of Export which includes threat of nuclear, biological and chemical armaments proliferation, sanctions, but have in common the ability to endanger the international security.

Based on our multidisciplinary knowledge and competence that allows to define and develop, by innovation compliance International Standards, guidelines and certification we take the challenge.

We are open to New Areas of Standardization and New Work Items and fields where compliance can make the difference.

Our International Standards make things work.

They provide world-class specifications to business, government and society giving practical tools in helping people to do the right things in the right way.

Our Standardization Process is

  • New standardization areas definition
  • New work items proposals drafting
  • Submission to EIFEC STANDARDS Technical and Scientific Working Group (SETS WG)
  • Use of EIFEC POS-IST (Process Of Standardization - International Security Threats) if needed
  • Identifying potential stakeholders
  • Exploratory enquiries / consultation with interested parties (stakeholder, i.e. industries, governments, academic, associations etc.)
  • Providing stakeholders with information on the project proposal
  • Identifying stakeholders willing to participate in the project
  • Establishment of an ad hoc Standard Working Group (S-WG) to collaborate with SETS WG
  • Drafting deliverables
  • Review of drafts by WG
  • Approval
  • Accreditation of auditors/experts.
  • Publication.

Submission of proposal of new areas and work items

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This is the EIFEC Global site.

We are the Export Compliance international standard-setting body and has the multidisciplinary knowledge and competence that allows to define and develop, by innovation, Standards, guidelines and certification mechanisms for emergency situations or critical areas of any nature.

The main areas covered are the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical armaments proliferation, sanctions, AML, Health Emergency Risk in epidemic context.