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RUSSIA EIFEC initiatives

Russian Export Compliance Framework

In November 2016 EIFEC took the initiative to address the Russian Federal Government and invite to develop and implement a national Export Compliance system.

An iterative process of assessement has started and meetings has been held with all institutional  bodies and the process is ongoing.

We hope the soon  also the Russian Federation will join Export Compliance  leading countries.

MASTER COURSES and Academic Collaboration

In November 2019 EIFEC has been invited to speak the annual international Forum held by a major Federal University in Russia.

Speakers were leading international experts as  Joseph E. Stiglitz, holder of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001) and many others.

This Forum was the initial kick off of the new collaboration  with this University which will include also the EIFEC Export Compliance Master course adn allow to graduate and accredit russian Export Complaince Officers.

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We are the Export Compliance international standard-setting body and has the multidisciplinary knowledge and competence that allows to define and develop, by innovation, Standards, guidelines and certification mechanisms for emergency situations or critical areas of any nature.

The main areas covered are the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical armaments proliferation, sanctions, AML, Health Emergency Risk in epidemic context.