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Santa Claus Export Compliance Officer

Since 2017, every year, we have a contest between our Master' students.

This is based on a "special" Export Compliance Case that has been to our attention…

At the 2017 Export Control Forum of the European Commission the presentation of the Santa Claus Case has closed the proceedings. 


The appointment is decided by a joint commission participated by US and EU officials.

Students have to asses  this "special Case" that involves the skills learned and… fantasy

The best determination are rewarded with the appointment as Santa Claus Export Compliance Officer for the year and entitle to attend the join training with BIS in United States and expenses are covered by EIFEC.

Dr. Cristiano Ercolani - 1st Santa Claus Export Compliance Officer


Export Compliance works in any languages...

Export Compliance languages

..and works also for Santa Claus!

approved santa

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This is the EIFEC Global site.

We are the Export Compliance international standard-setting body and has the multidisciplinary knowledge and competence that allows to define and develop, by innovation, Standards, guidelines and certification mechanisms for emergency situations or critical areas of any nature.

The main areas covered are the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical armaments proliferation, sanctions, AML, Health Emergency Risk in epidemic context.