Integrated EC Systems

Integrated Export Compliance Systems

A world leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars belonging to the world largest multinational automotive manufacturing company was in need to manage and implement tools and processes in order to monitor and profile all the compliance, certification, regulations and activities needed to sell and ship worldwide spare parts, tools and accessories.

SGS group (Société Générale de Surveillance), world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification services team up with EIFEC to provide the necessary assistance to set up the export compliance system.

The project includes:

  • the Gap Analysis of all the products range divided by product and market
  • the Parts, accessories and tools list and communicate all the information about the requirements that we have already collected and the list of countries where does business
  • design all future and needed processes and suggest actions to fix and solve Gap Analysis status and formalize the new ones.
  • analyse Accessories and Tools Gap analysis verifying all missing information or data
  • monitoring and identification of Country Specific Requirements: the minimum detail that provider guarantees to be compliant and not incur in any sanction also collecting information from importers / dealers.
  • research and collect all the applicable rules and norms to the export compliance activity
  • analysis of the documentation to define the process and requirements needed to determine per each PN the condition of shipment compliant with the specific country rules.
  • items Regulation Matrix that will be updated every time that an international or local standard has a new release to perceive the rules change or modification.
  • Product Certification
  • Export compliance Administration program
  • Export Compliance Maintenance.
  • Training

We have opened some proprietary technology and algorithms of the Expert System for use to third selected parties

For this project our Expert System integrates safety, environmental, export, import regulations to match the portfolio of products and countries of the client.



The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned  NAM Training workshop
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This is the EIFEC Global site.

We are the Export Compliance international standard-setting body and has the multidisciplinary knowledge and competence that allows to define and develop, by innovation, Standards, guidelines and certification mechanisms for emergency situations or critical areas of any nature.

The main areas covered are the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical armaments proliferation, sanctions, AML, Health Emergency Risk in epidemic context.