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infographic sanctions on russia

By courtesy of the Council of European Union.



EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine
Sanctions against individual and entities
Assets freeze / travel ban against:
• Vladimir Putin
• Sergey Lavrov
• Yevgeny Prigozhin
• Viktor and Oleksandr Yanukovych
• Russian State Duma members
• National Security Council members
• military staff and high-ranking officials
• businesspeople, propagandists and oligarchs
Assets freeze against
• banks and financial institutions
• companies in the military and defence sectors
• companies in the aviation, shipbuilding and machine building sectors
• armed forced and paramilitary groups
• political parties
• media organisations responsible for propaganda and disinformation
Economic sanctions
• SWIFT ban for 10 Russian banks
• restrictions on Russia’s access to the EU’s capital and financial markets
• ban on transactions with the Russian Central Bank
• ban on supply of euro-denominated banknotes to Russia
• ban on provision of crypto-wallets to Russian persons
• closure of EU airspace to all Russian-owned aircraft
• ban on Russian road transport operators
• ban on trailers and semi-trailers registered in Russia
• closure of EU ports to Russian vessels 
• ban on maritime transport of Russian oil to third countries
• no access to ports and locks in the EU for vessels engaged in ship-to-ship transfers (suspected of breaching the sanctions)
• ban on exports to Russia of goods and technology in the aviation, maritime and space sectors
• ban on imports from Russia of oil and coal
• price cap related to the maritime transport of Russian oil
• ban on exports to Russia of goods and technologies in the oil refining sector
• ban on new investments in the Russian energy and mining sector
• ban on providing gas storage capacity to Russian nationals
Ban on exports to Russia of:
• dual-use goods and technology for military use
• semiconductor materials
• electronic and optical components
• navigational instruments
• drone engines
• arms and civilian firearms and their parts
• ammunition, military vehicles and paramilitary equipment
• other goods which could enhance Russian industrial capacities

Raw materials and other goods
Ban on exports to Russia of
• luxury goods
Ban on imports from Russia of:
• steel, iron, cement and asphalt
• wood, paper, synthetic rubber and plastics
• seafood, spirits, cigarettes and cosmetics
• gold, including jewellery
Ban to provide to Russia or Russian persons:
• architectural and engineering services
• IT consultancy and legal advisory services
• advertising, market research and public opinion polling services
• intellectual property rights of trade secrets (related to goods and technology covered by other sanctions)
Restrictions on media
Suspension of broadcasting activities in the EU of some Russian media outlets:
• Sputnik and subsidiaries
• Russia Today and subsidiaries
• Rossiya RTR / RTR Planeta
• Rossiya 24 / Russia 24
• Rossiya 1
• TV Centre International
• NTV / NTV Mir
• Pervyi Kanal
• Oriental Review
• Tsargrad
• New Eastern Outlook
• Katehon
Diplomatic and visa measures
• diplomats and business people can no longer benefit from visa facilitation provisions
• the visa facilitation agreement between the EU and Russia is suspended
• regular EU-Russia summits are suspended
• Russia is no longer invited to G8 meetings
Sanctions against Belarus
In response to its involvement in Russia’s military aggression:
• sanctions on Belarusian military personnel
• SWIFT ban for 4 Belarusian banks
• ban on transactions with the Central Bank of Belarus
• limits on financial inflows from Belarus to the EU
• ban on supply of euro-denominated banknotes to Belarus
• ban on Belarusian road transport operators
• trade restrictions



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